Gratitude Journal

I M THANKFUL TO EVERYONE WHO IS THERE FOR ME. I M THANKFUL FOR A NEW DAY A NEW LIFE WITH NEW THOUGHTS. I am Thankful for the universe. We all are Unique , We all are Special , We all have a POWER 🙂  272 total views,  1 views today

 272 total views,  1 views today

Something from My Heart

Nobody has right to judge you so just be free yourself from comparison and criticism. Last but Not Least Always Thankful for all up and downs , low and highs , success and failures as it makes me more strong to work on myself. Thank you GOD #gratitude #rubalsolutions  485 total views

 485 total views

How I Optimize My Network

I Optimized my netting with disparate practices to minimize the stuff and alike delivering the brio for our service BSNL.For above design present better favors and lower conserve-ace gone by our help.For prototype – All material Connectivity between neighborhood to neighborhood cut out by unattached couplet of ocular connectivity. accordingly 63 ( Bobby wiring) convert with 2 duo of visual

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